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Farmers Markets and Community Gardens Plant Seeds for Health

Farmers markets and community gardens are summer spots for older adults to cultivate healthy eating habits. Anyone who...

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Beyond BMI: How Concerned Should I Be About Weight?

Overweight adults can still be healthy, but as their weight increases so do the chances of bad health outcomes. Body...

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Going the Distance: Strategies to Bring More Healthy Food Home

Habits are hard to break, and that’s especially true at the grocery store. Baskets get filled with sugary items, food...

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Smart Cooking and Eating: Put Health on the Table

A health diagnosis can change eating habits for the whole family. Getting a chronic condition under control often means...

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Comprehensive Screening Saves Lives for Older Women of Color

Women learn to be alert about breast cancer at a young age, for good reason. Only lung cancer is deadlier, and routine...

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Live AmaZing - Navigating the Medicare Maze

The annual Medicare Advantage enrollment period begins October 15. How well do you know your healthcare options? Do you...

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Live AmaZing - What are Chronic Special Needs Plans?

Aside from the regular Medicare Advantage plans, which are designed to replace and build upon Original Medicare, there...

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Grief, Anxiety and Depression: Getting Through Bereavement

When people suffer the death of a loved one, anxiety and other extreme reactions are natural. Feeling depressed or numb...

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Small Steps Make a Difference in Changing Health Habits

Family history is important in weighing the risk of disease, but genes alone do not dictate health. Your health habits...

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