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Caregivers of Today: Why a Nurse Practitioner May Be a Good Option

When you go to the doctor's office, sometimes you might see a nurse practitioner (NP) instead of a doctor. Some...

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Caring for Caregivers: Building Economic Security for Older Women

Physical, mental, and economic health are linked for older women. To assure their future health, women should...

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Equal Access for Elders: Removing Barriers and Promoting Inclusion

Age can make it hard to stick with a regular healthcare routine. Pain or illness can limit access to care and restrict...

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Community Partnerships Bring Focus to Depression and Dementia

It’s normal to grow forgetful or distracted with age. But repeatedly forgetting the same things—or getting increasingly...

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Bringing Backup: How Observers Help Prepare for a Better Doctor’s Visit

No one should feel frustrated leaving a doctor’s office; the medical team is working for you. Yet there’s a lot to ask...

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What’s Normal in Lab Results?

Everyone wants to do well on a test, but there’s no need to study for routine lab work. However, you should be...

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Healthy Meals for Older Adults: Put Variety On Your Plate

Nutrition needs change as our bodies age. To follow a doctor’s therapeutic diet recommendations or maintain healthy...

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Managing Pain: Put Body, Mind to Work on Pain Relief

Pain is a constant companion for many older adults. Doctors often will find no obvious cause or simple treatment, which...

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