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Celebrating Veteran's Day Safely

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Posted by Zing Health on Nov 11, 2020 6:35:00 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted almost every aspect of life, so it is no surprise that it has impacted Veterans Day festivities nationwide. Here are some tips for veterans, their families and their caregivers on how to get the most out of their Veterans Day.

Virtual Events, Discounts and Deals

Many public commemorations have been canceled in favor of virtual events. Even the annual commemoration at Arlington National Cemetery has been truncated, though the Department of Veterans Affairs is still live-streaming the ceremony. The VA has also compiled a useful list of dozens of virtual events that can be enjoyed from the safety of home. For seniors and people with disabilities who are especially vulnerable to COVID-19, such virtual events are a significantly safer alternative.

Veterans Day is also known for the special deals and discounts to active and retired service members offered by a wide range of companies. While local offers may vary, the VA publishes an up-to-date list of national discount offers. Many of these discounts are now offered all year in order to allow veterans to take full advantage of the offers while avoiding potentially dangerous Veterans Day crowds. While Zing Health recommends staying home if possible, it has offered a short COVID-19 Safety Guide on how to stay safe while out and about.

Caring for Our Nation’s Heroes Every Day

While Veterans Day is an important holiday, honoring the sacrifice and service of our nation’s heroes is not something that should happen just once a year. While federal, state and private programs are available to help veterans in need of support, far too many continue to fall through the cracks. Veterans make up a shocking 11 percent of the nation’s homeless population, more than half of whom live with a physical disability or serious mental illness.

A persistent problem for veterans is that the VA and Medicare often fail to coordinate benefits, meaning many veterans are prevented from getting all of the care and support they are entitled to receive. Zing Health is committed to winning this often invisible battle on the homefront by helping disabled and older veterans understand and access all of the care options available to them.


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