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How a Blood Sugar Monitor Can Help Manage Diabetes

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Posted by Zing Health on May 24, 2022 11:58:27 AM

A continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device shows how to keep blood sugar within a target range before and after eating.

A piece of plastic the size of two stacked quarters can give people with diabetes better feedback to manage their blood sugar. A continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device not only avoids finger stick blood tests several times a day, but also shows how to keep blood sugar within a target range before and after eating.

 The complex technology may seem confusing, but what it all adds up to is a simpler and less painful experience for diabetic patients. What’s going on behind the scenes with these modern solutions? CGM sensors stick to the back of your upper arm and measure the sugar or glucose in body fat. When a cellphone is held against the sensor, an app takes readings and keeps a log of how glucose levels change at different times. The app shows the daily patterns of glucose readings and a chart for the “time in range,” or how often readings hit the target levels. The app even can predict where glucose levels are headed, which gives you a chance to take action and stay on target.

Taking the Mystery out of Blood Sugar Sensors

 Many people with diabetes, and sometimes their doctors, are unfamiliar with the CGM system. In a video, Dr. Eric E. Whitaker, Zing Health founder and CEO, shows how to snap a sensor in place using the applicator provided at the pharmacy. The sensor slips a thread just under the skin, but the process is painless.

 “What we've heard from some of our members so far is that it gives them a great sense of control,” Whitaker says in the video, “because at any time you can look and see how what you're eating or drinking impacts your sugar. And it helps you make better decisions about what you do so you can keep your sugar in good control.”

 A blood sugar monitor helps people who find it hard to recognize the signs of low blood sugar, and it gives people with diabetes another way to control their glucose levels and have fewer low glucose emergencies. Keeping track of diet and activity also helps pinpoint the cause and effect of changes in blood sugar.

 Users can share the app readings with their doctors. A treatment plan might include coaching on nutrition and exercise, not only to get control their blood glucose under control but also lower blood pressure and cholesterol. A treatment plan can lower average blood sugar levels in A1C tests.

 The app’s time in range tracking goes further, giving a better day-to-day picture of their blood sugar levels. TIR glucose control is a more consistent and accurate guide for people who have had struggled to control their glucose levels. Zing Health’s care team is always available to answer member questions about CGM blood sugar monitors.


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